Mission Statement

We are a successful, family founded and locally owned business that DELIVERS a quality service, COMMUNICATES customer needs, TAKES OWNERSHIP in everything, COMMITS to continuous improvement, EMBRACES creativity & innovation, BUILDS a positive team environment and is ACTIVE in our community.

Company Values

Family is everything:
Family is one of life’s greatest gifts, and that’s why when you join our team, you and your family become part of the TTT family. We pride ourselves on being family orientated, and respect the need for flexibility and cohesion between work and home life. Here, we nurture these relationships by having a fun and friendly atmosphere, ensuring our TTT family has security and stability. We are all working to provide a brighter future for our families.
“Your family is our family.”

We are committed to providing the highest quality experience:
We pride ourselves on being a one stop shop for all heavy vehicle repairs and maintenance. We know there is no substitute for outstanding workmanship, and our ultimate goal is to ensure every job is completed to the highest standard, getting you back on the road in the shortest time possible. Achieving the highest quality experience means more than getting the job right. It’s how we treat our customers, how we present ourselves and our workplace, and the way our customers feel through every interaction with our company.
“Miracles we can do, the impossible takes a little longer”

Communication is key:
Communication is the success of life, exchanging information with our staff, customers, vendors and community to keep the fire burning. We value those who communicate thoughtfully, encourage and respect diversity of opinion and listen intently with an open mind. We consciously take steps to improve, develop and expand our communication abilities.
“Communication, the key to personal and career success”

Professional, Accountable, Respectful:
We are a professional, well respected company within the transport repair and retail industries. Our team acts with honesty and integrity with a focus on putting ourselves in the shoes of others
We do what we say we’re going to do and we don’t pass the buck
Here at TTT we are accountable for every action we take and we respect everyone’s wishes. By building our team with respectful and skillful members we are able to achieve a high standard of workmanship to go above and beyond for our customers.
“We are not perfect but we always strive to do better”

There is always more to learn:
Learning is fundamental to serving the needs of our employees and our customers. We encourage our staff to take ownership of their career growth by providing learning and training opportunities, and hands-on experience, building and strengthening our team to be the very best versions of themselves.
At TTT there are no “dumb” questions…because we hope you always ask “why?”. We want you to be curious and make connections; find and solve problems and reflect on experiences and how to improve for the future.
“There is never a dull moment at TTT!!”

Our staff are our most valuable asset:
As a constantly growing business one thing will never change, and this is the value we hold in our staff. It is this team of professionals that make what we do possible. From their knowledge, passion and dedication to keeping our customers happy we are very proud of the quality people we attract to our team. This is why we go beyond the standard to provide quality training and offer a range of personal tools to ensure their health and wellbeing.
“Our people are our business”

We are one team:
At Tatiara Truck & Trailers, everyone is treated as equal and we all play an important part in the wheel the drives our company. Through diversity of skills, knowledge and experience we are a team striving for greatness. We treat our customers, vendors and each other with respect, fairness and integrity. We nurture and embrace the collective energy, intelligence and contributions of all members. We help each other, respect each other, and work together to achieve our common goal of maintaining a happy, productive, business.
“We achieve more when working together”

We are community minded:
Along with our sound reputation for our service to our customers, we are also well known as strong supporters of our community. We demonstrate this through sponsorship of local sporting clubs, events, charities and we always “buy local” wherever possible. We also give back by volunteering time and resources and encourage our staff to do the same. We receive much enjoyment in assisting to provide opportunities within the Tatiara and for the benefit of our business family and their extended families.
“We like to give back to the community that gives to us"

“I just wanted to fix a few trucks, and maybe a couple of air conditioners” John Jenkin

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